About Us
Claim Forward is a free service developed by Consumer Insurance Trust LLC, a company dedicated to building consumer trust in insurance through improved transparency and service. Our tools and services provide consumers practical knowledge about their insurance to enable better financial decisions. Insurance companies are not hiding the information we provide, it’s just not been previously available to consumers through such a simple tool.

We provide clarity to the financial management of your claim. Claim Forward sorts through hundreds of thousands of pages of insurance company regulatory filings required by each state to identify how each insurer surcharges and underwrites for claims. We analyze this information relative to your claim details to develop personalized service offerings that improve consumer awareness, thereby potentially improving consumer financial outcomes.

Consumer Insurance Trust LLC / Claim Forward was founded by Dr. Joe DiMartino, a former insurance industry executive and consultant. Dr. DiMartino held the position of President and/or CEO of three insurance groups over his career that spans nearly twenty years of professional experience in financial services. His objective in founding Consumer Insurance Trust LLC is to improve the consumer insurance experience through improved transparency and service. Claim Forward is the first of several Consumer Insurance Trust LLC offerings planned for the benefit of insurance consumers.

While our Site provides valuable information to improve consumer knowledge of insurance company business practices, our Site is also used to advertise for insurance related service providers that have licensed use of our Site. Some of these service providers may be affiliated with Claim Forward and Consumer Insurance Trust LLC.  

Move forward knowing your best insurance options to manage your claim (or potential claim) – Get Started now and see clearly how we can help!