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  Estimate your claim surcharge (amount you’ll need to pay your insurer due to higher policy premiums after filing a claim)

  Compare to other company surcharges

  Determine if your insurer offers claim "forgiveness"

  Assess the risk of your insurer non-renewing your policy

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Get Started!Claim Forward is the only automated tool empowering consumers to make better financial decisions in the event of an insurance loss.

Know Your Surcharge

Once we estimate your surcharge, you can move forward knowing the real cost of filing a claim. We’ll provide the expected impact on your policy premium, which can last up to 5 years. But sometimes it’s better to pay for a loss “out of pocket” rather than filing a claim due to high surcharges and/or deductibles. Other times, certain claim types are not surcharged by particular insurance companies. Move forward knowing your best insurance options!

How Does Your Surcharge Compare?

You should know how your insurance company’s surcharge compares to other companies. If your surcharge is much higher, your best move forward may be to change insurers. Most insurance agents don’t recommend this because it’s too time consuming for them to manage, but there may be significant savings for you. We’ll provide your best options and assist with any changes you may decide. Move forward knowing your best insurance options!

Are You at Risk for Non-Renewal?

Most insurance companies non-renew policies based on specified claim activity. If you have too many claims or a certain type of claim, your policy may be at risk for non-renewal. We’ll clarify your company’s criteria so you can assess your risk of non-renewal. You should understand your risk before moving forward with a claim. No one wants to be surprised by a costly non-renewal notice from their insurance company. Move forward knowing your best insurance options!

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